A doula for every body…


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So you’ve discovered you’re pregnant and you’re thinking, what should I do next? The answer is: get a doula! I believe that everyone deserves to have a doula for their pregnancy. A doula is a person who is trained to provide emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy and birth.

Before the birth I provide evidence-based informational support and a listening ear. During labor I use natural comfort measures – including rebozo, birth ball assistance, massage, essential oils, yoga positions, guided relaxation, and more – to help you get through your birth journey, whichever form that may take. After birth I can help you process your experience, assist with breastfeeding, and help with postpartum needs.

Beyond the well-known physical support a doula can provide, I also provide emotional support to parents and family. I help you understand what’s happening in your labor, discuss the risks and benefits of various procedures or medications, and assist by “holding the space” for you and your family if difficult decisions must be made.

As your doula, I will work tirelessly to help you achieve the best experience possible. Whether you give birth VBAC, medication-free, with the use of pain medications, or C-section, every birth is unique and beautiful. I believe that every birthing person deserves respect for their bodies and their choices and I would love to be a part of your birth!

I have a passion for serving all families, including GLBTQ parents, parents of all genders and sexualities, parents of multiples, single parents, teen parents, fat parents, poly families, animal lovers, blended families, VBAC births, and parents with disabilities.

IMG_0022Cheyenne the doula (loves elephants!)


What is a Doula?

A doula is a person trained to provide emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy and birth. Doulas understand the process of labor and birth, and provide continuous support – like massage, aromatherapy, guided breathing and relaxation, rebozo, and positions – to help birthing parents navigate their process into parenthood. A doula will come to your house in early labor, and assist you with comfort measures, remaining calm and relaxed, and laboring more easily. If you have a partner your doula will help them to support you better.

A doula can help birthing parents access their own inner resources in order to:

  • Have a shorter, easier labor
  • Use less interventions
  • Use less pain medications (if that is your desire)
  • Feel more informed about their birth options
  • Have more positive feelings about their labor and birth

http://www.cheyennethedoula.com      |     cheyennethedoula@gmail.com     |     612.643.0015

1 thought on “A doula for every body…

  1. Nicole Feest

    I never would have guessed my partner and I would be lucky enough to receive a doula. What’s even more surprising is to have Cheyenne as our doula. From the beginning she educated us on everything we needed to know. We grew comfortable with her and were able to completely eliminate any birth classes from our schedule pre-birth thanks to Cheyenne’s knowledge. During the birth she was attentive, calming, and helpful in every way possible. Looking back I do not know what I would have done without her. I highly recommend a doula for every pregnancy, as every pregnancy and birth is different. Cheyenne is without a doubt loved by all of her clients I know this is true and am speaking on behalf of all of them! Now settled in at home my partner and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Cheyenne.



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