~ About Cheyenne the doula ~

Who is Cheyenne the doula?

Cheyenne the doula became a “doula” in a sense, before she ever knew what a doula was. She attended the births of both of her siblings growing up, and her mom remembers her calm yet curious attitude as she helped her mom in a birthing center, and later a hospital. For years she thought she wanted to be a doctor, but after graduating from the University of Minnesota Pre-Med, she discovered the role of doula and instantly knew she had never really wanted to be a doctor; she wanted to be a doula.

Cheyenne received her DONA-Approved Birth Doula Certificate in 2013 and has been loving every minute of being a doula since then! She especially loves working with partners to help them better support you!

Who is Cheyenne the individual?

Cheyenne was born in 1989 in Mankato, Minnesota. She and her partner Remy are a queer family of six – two humans, two dogs and two cats. They live in South Minneapolis and are planning for their first child within the year. She loves having a daily yoga practice, walking her dogs, and cooking! She has a passion for alternative methods of conception and loves working with partners to better serve the birthing parent, single parents, LGB families, queer and trans* parents, multiples, adoptions, teen parents, poly families, blended families, multi-generational families, nerds, geeks, and anyone else who desires her support!

Cheyenne the doula

Biology and Society with Pre-Medicine Certification
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

~May 2010~
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certificate

~August 2011~
White Privilege and Anti-Racism Workshop

~February 2013~
Birthing Racial Justice Workshop

~February 2013~
DONA Approved Birth Doula Certificate

~April 2013~
DONA Approved Birth Doula Certificate

~November 2014~
Queer and Trans Childbirth Education Class

~December 2014~
Abortion Doula Training

~April 2015~
Birth Trauma Doula Enrichment
Medical Abortion Training

~June 2015~
Prenatal Yoga Teaching Certificate
Blooma Yoga

~October 2015~
Founder, Curriculum Writer, Presenter
Queer Birth Project

~February 2017~
GentleBirth Instructor Certificate


Cheyenne the doula is trained to support:

Cheyenne the doula is not trained but willing to support:

Call or email today to set up a free get-acquainted meeting!
612-532-0015 (local)
507-380-3999 (cell)

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