–  Natalie and Mark Zietz  –

We are so grateful for Cheyenne the doula.  Being our first pregnancy, we were unsure of how we would handle the birthing process, despite taking classes and doing our own research.  We eventually decided to hire a doula, which was without a doubt the best decision we made.  Upon meeting Cheyenne her passion for making the birthing experience personal and meaningful was evident.  She immediately gave off warm and comforting vibes that lasted throughout our time with her.  Cheyenne impressed us with her knowledge of the latest research, and her experience with many other birthing families put us at ease the closer we got to delivery of our baby girl.

 Our labor experience ended up being quite different (and longer) than expected, and having Cheyenne by our side was invaluable.  She knows exactly when to be present in the background, and when to step in with support or suggestions.  She is unafraid to do unpleasant tasks, without question, and while making you feel as comfortable as can be.  We highly recommend interviewing several doulas to choose the right fit for you, and I suspect when you meet Cheyenne you’ll know she is the right one, as we did.  


–  Mel Shibley  –

I had not even heard of the concept of a “doula” until I took my birthing class and decided that I would like to hire one to help me. I was a nervous as it was my first pregnancy, and I was not sure that I could handle it on my own.

We decided to hire Cheyenne because she seemed so flexible and accommodating. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made!

I would have given her ALL my money if I could because the delivery went so well. She is extremely calming and reassuring, and I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did, unmedicated, without her. I wanted to try for a natural unmedicated birth but was not opposed to meds if I needed them. I was afraid of having a medication-heavy, stressful labor like my mom: she ended up with a c-section after stalling out at 3cm after a difficult induction.

Cheyenne was on board with whatever we needed to do and her openness and reassurance helped me a ton when I did eventually ask for an epidural.

Cheyenne helped me see that I made the best choice for me at that moment, and she was right: the birth ended with a speedy, stress-free vaginal delivery. Her fun personality matched perfectly with us and we hit it off right away. I would consider her not just my doula, but also my friend.


– Kayla Fellows  –  

My husband and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to pursue a med/intervention free hospital waterbirth, if possible. We read about the benefits of having a doula and that births assisted by a doula had statistically better outcomes. We were also scared. We are first time parents. We had no idea what it would be like. We knew we needed support from an experienced professional that could be there throughout the process.

We were self-educating about the birthing process, as a classroom setting just wasn’t for us. Cheyenne met with us in our home, where we were most comfortable. She gave us valuable, evidence based resources to help us develop a birth preference plan and explained both the risks and benefits of common interventions. She gave us confidence. She taught me relaxation methods and comfort measures that I could use in the late stages of pregnancy and in early labor.

During labor Cheyenne used essential oils to relax me during contractions, and energize me during the pushing stage. She followed my lead completely. When I needed something solid to lean on, she made it happen. When I turned on my favorite comedy for distraction, she laughed with me. When I started to struggle, she showed me new positions to try to help baby get in the best position.

When faced with decisions during labor, she helped explain the pros and cons in an unbiased manner. This gave me the confidence to make the decision that was best for me and baby without fear of confrontation.

She also helped my husband a great deal. He was understandably stressed. He had been applying counter-pressure through most contractions and had been my sole support for about 10 hours when Cheyenne arrived. When she took over he was able to take a break, get some rest, and communicate with our families, knowing that I was in good hands.

Cheyenne is one of the most positive and energetic people we’ve met and I would definitely recommend her as a doula.