For a portfolio of my work to date, please check out this link:

I now offer professional Pregnancy, Birth, and Newborn Photography!

At the end of pregnancy it is great to celebrate and remember your bump! Photos by Cheyenne the doula will help you cherish the memories for years to come. Every birth is unique, and each birth is a life-changing moment. These are moments you don’t want to forget, so if you would like to guarantee professional looking photos I would recommend hiring me as a birth photographer instead of as a doula! Then my role is freed up to take fantastic photos from start to finish!*

*My birth doula package includes basic birth photography with your camera, or my iPhone camera. Many of my clients find these more than adequate. But as a doula my primary duty is to serve you and make sure you are comfortable, so I do not sacrifice that to take the perfect photo.

I use a Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Professional Series Camera

$200 for two 1-hour sessions:
– One early labor session
– One later birth session
– 40-50 raw photos

$400 for the whole package:
– My time and talent photographing your birth
– Being on-call for the birth
– Post production time editing photos
– Slideshow of 40-50 photos
– Bonus: video clips of labor & birth

$100 per hour photographing:
– Pregnancy Photos and Infant Photos
– Post production time editing photos
– Slideshow of 40-50 photos


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